About Us

Critical Path Consulting Corporation (CPCC) was established in 1993 with the mission of providing consulting services to public and private sector clients with an emphasis on service-based industries. Our teams have provided a variety of consulting services including:

• Compliance Management (including ISO Certifications)
• Regulatory Oversight on Federally Mandated Programs
• Continuous Process Improvement (Six Sigma)
• Program and Performance Management
• Operations Support


Superior Support

CPCC management team is committed to providing superior support to our teaming partners and clients by providing knowledgeable and experienced consultants and by adopting a philosophy based on adding value while maintaining the integrity of the mission.

Audit Readiness and Continuous Improvements

Due to the real-time and consistent nature of our work, and even as the primary focus of our teams are set on compliance and audit readiness, results of our detailed analysis invariably identify clear opportunities for process improvements and organizational efficiencies. Many of our recommendations are institutionalized within our clients' organizations, both as system and operational changes. Resulting efficiencies have enabled our government clients to maintain service levels in a budget-conscious environment.

A Collaborative Model

Historically, we have been very successful in establishing a collaborative model in which CPCC consultants work closely with representatives and subject-matter experts from the client organization. The resulting synergy translates to continuous knowledge transfer as well-reduced timelines and costs.