Department of Defense

Critical Path Consulting Corporation has been providing Independent Verification & Validation as well as quality assurance services to the Retired and Annuitant (R&A) Pay Program since the “A76 – initiated” transition in February 2002.

CPCC was awarded a competitively bid contract with DFAS in August 2010 through a “GSA IT 70” contract vehicle. Performing as the internal audit team for Retired and Annuitant Pay Operations, CPCC is responsible for validating overall regulatory compliance, internal controls and management consulting services for the leadership team.

With a customer base exceeding 2.5 million Military Retirees and Annuitants and a monthly payroll distribution in excess of $3.1 Billion, DFAS is the largest financial organization in the world. CPCC and its staff are proud to be associated with this Military Retired and Annuitant Pay program. It’s an honor to provide service to the men and women who have honorably served the nation.

Department of Education

CPCC is proud of its long association with many educational and loan programs at the US Department of Education. Our services included operational & software quality assurance, readiness assessments, and internal compliance audits on a variety of legislative and regulatory mandates.

Department of Homeland Security

CPCC provided independent non-advocate support on the TSA’s "HR-Access" program designed to provide Human Resource services for the Department of Home Land Security. 

Other Selected Clients

• State of Georgia — Department of Children and Families
• State of West Virginia- Child Support Enforcement
• State of Idaho — Child Support Enforcement Program
• Nellie Mae
• State of Missouri — Department of Social Services
• State of Arkansas — Child Support Enforcement
• Texas Sunset Commission- Legislative & Program Review
• Mellon Bank