Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)

The CPCC team delivers a custom-made approach to Independent Verification and Validation.  Our framework of services will meet the needs of your organization while ensuring ongoing compliance, repeatable processes as well as risk analysis and mitigation.

Our teams recognize the importance of constant communication and coordinating with client counterparts.  Our primary goal is to institutionalize a dynamic model for compliance built on formal and documented internal controls. Where appropriate, our teams can enhance or develop formal Standard Operating Procedures and process maps, risk matrices and offer mitigation strategies.  Rigorous Change Management (CM) controls will ensure the integrity of this documentation through future legislative and regulatory changes or as evolving organizations implement process improvements initiatives.

While coordination with program management is essential to the functionality of the IV&V, constant collaboration with employees and staff is critical to its success.  We work with managers and designated personnel to assist in establishing ground level internal controls and checkpoints designed for early error detection and remediation. We will provide general training and high-level guidance on the many requirements for ongoing compliance in order to build quality into the process proactively, with the goal of eliminating findings from the outset.

Primary Services

• Independent Verification and Validation
• Business Process Re-Engineering
• Strategic Planning
• Risk Analysis & Mitigation
• Continuous Process Improvement
• Quantitative Analysis / Metrics
• Performance Management
• Internal Audit / Quality Assurance
• Change Management / Control
Change Management - Independent Verification